Fast VPS

USA VPS Servers

HostBrink is providing US Virtual Private Server with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. HDD storage allows speedy access of data as compared to traditional drives. OpenVZ Paravirtualization gives more stable nodes than anyother virtualization.

Package CPU RAM SSD BANDWIDTH IPv4 Setup Uplink Cost
US-NANO 1 256MB 10GB 500GB 1 Free 1Gbps €2/Month
US-MICRO 1 512MB 20GB 750GB 1 Free 1Gbps €3.5/Month
US-MINI 1 1GB 30GB 1TB 1 Free 1Gbps €5/mo
US-Spec 2 2GB 50GB 1.5TB 1 Free 1Gbps €7.5/mo
US-BIG 3 4GB 100GB 2TB 1 Free 1Gbps €10/mo
US-Supreme 4 6GB 250GB 4TB 1 Free 1Gbps €20/mo


  • Pure SSD Drives

    Pure SSD Storage and world low latency network for deployment of virtual private server gives your machine higher performance, just like bare-metal in significant low price.

  • Upgrade or Downgrade Instantly

    All of our US VPS servers can be easily upgraded & downgraded from the client area. Previous payment will be adjusted and your VPS will be upgraded seamlessly.

  • XEN Virtualization

    XEN Virtualization is used for a long time and we choosed this virtualization due to reliability.

  • Premium Quality Hardware

    We use premium quality hardware to ensure performance with Hex Core Processor, ECC RAM & RAID SSD Drive.

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

    US locations are backed with UPS & Power generator to provide uninterrupted power supply ensuring 99.99% uptime.

  • Root Access

    All of our VPS come with complete root access & Dedicated IPv4/IPv6 address which gives you feel of dedicated machine.