Estonia Dedicated Servers



HostBrink is offering Dedicated server from another established onshore location. Dedicated servers are instantly setup and delivered within 2 to 4 hours. All server packages include 10TB of bandwidth for free @ 100Mbit connection. We are using premium quality HP Blade servers for increased performance and reliability. All of our servers are backed with UPS as well as genertors to provide you 99.99% uptime. All hardware is kept in backup to provide timely replacement in case of any failure.

Intel Xeon 5504 2GHz - 4MB 4GB 2x34GB SAS 10TB 100Mbit 1 1-6 Hours € 99/month
Intel Xeon 5650 2.66GHz - 12MB 16GB 1x300GB 10TB 100Mbit 1 1-6 Hours € 149/month
Dual Xeon 5420 2.4GHz - 12 MB 16GB 2x300GB SAS 10TB 100Mbit 1 1-6 Hours € 179/month
  • Free/Instant Setup

    HostBrink provides free as well as instant setup of the dedicated servers. Just you have to pay for the specs and setup will be done from our side for free in 1 to 6 hours of time.

  • Great Uptime 99.99%

    HostBrink datacenters is provided proper electric supply and backed with UPS as well as generators to ensure ZERO downtime.

  • 100Mbit Uplink

    Self Managed servers come with 100Mbit of uplink to ensure high upload and download speed on your server. You can request for additional Bandwidth as well as 1Gbps or Higher port.

  • Flexible Solution

    Differnet model of Intel CPU including Xeon as well as E series are available for your choice. Customized configuration can be requested by contacting support team available 24/7

  • Competitive Pricing

    HostBrink always work hard to buy hardware with top quality in cheap price to cut short cost, enabling us to provide competitive prices in the market.

  • Monthly Contracts

    All servers can be subscribed on monthly lease contracts. You will pay for the period you used resources.